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How can a beginner succeed in the crypto markets?

Trading the crypto markets is one of the ways you can make money online. As a report by Forbes Magazine show, the number of crypto millionaires is rising by the day.

Beginners can also get into the game with the help of BitProfit and achieve great success. There are many tools to help achieve this goal faster. The only challenge is that they are hard to identify. Nearly 90% of the tools under our brand support beginner traders.

How is trading different from investing?

Many people use trading and investment interchangeably. However, the two terms have completely different meanings.

According to Business Insider, investing involves purchasing an asset you expect will gain value over time. The goal of long-term investing is capital gains. On the other hand, trading involves timing the market moves and buying and selling the asset within a short period for quick profits.

What are the different forms of financial trading?

You can trade financial instruments directly or through their derivatives. A derivative allows you to trade short-term volatility without owning the underlying asset.

A derivative known as Contract for Difference (CFD) allows traders to bet on all volatility, including when prices fall. BitProfit helps you generate quality signals from hundreds of CFDs. Other examples of derivatives include forwards, futures, and interest rate swaps.

Do I need financial trading experience to trade online?

You need to carry out in-depth research to identify the best trades. Considerable trading experience is required to conduct fundamental and technical analysis manually.

However, there are many tools in the market to help beginners navigate trading easily. BitProfit has won global recognition for providing tools to help beginners master crypto CFDs trading quickly.

How do I use the BitProfit risk management tools?

At least 40% of the tools under BitProfit are for risk management. Your risk management strategy greatly determines your online trading success.

The risk management tools provided under this platform should help you develop robust risk management strategies. You can try these strategies on the demo and tweak them until they fit your risk profile.

Does BitProfit support multiple trading strategies?

You can use the BitProfit research tools to build multiple trading strategies. The strategy-building process is quite straightforward.

A linked underlying broker supports all trading through BitProfit. The broker provides a powerful strategy execution system. You can implement up to 4 trading strategies simultaneously. At least 15% of the trading strategies should be for risk hedging purposes.

Why do I have to verify my ID with the underlying broker?

When registering with us, you must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) process through a local broker. Your account is automatically linked with the broker on registration.

We are a third-party platform that provides tools to help you get the best out of online trading. The BitProfit tools can only be used through select CFD brokers. These brokers are top quality and require all users to complete a KYC process.

Did BitProfit appear on any TV show?

We have stumbled upon posts alleging that BitProfit was featured on This Morning. This Morning is a highly watched UK TV program.

The program is aired on ITV and hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. These claims are blatant lies. We haven’t run any advertisements on This Morning, The Mirror, or any other TV show.